Hello there! My name is Élise Annaiel Valerie. I am currently 18 years old. I was born on the 3rd of May 2004 which happened to fall on a Monday which just happens to be my least favourite day of the week. I attend Dominica State College at which I am pursuing a double major in Business Administration and Computer Science. I have had the privilege of becoming one of the lucky recipients of the Create Caribbean Internship. In my free time, I enjoy reading fantasy novels, listening to music, crocheting, drawing and admiring nature. My favourite colour is lavender. I have 6 pets who are the loves of my life, 5 dogs named Éli, Alaïah, Gaïa, Iris and Faye and a bossy cat named Nialla who believes that she is the centre of the universe. Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your stay.